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Terms and Conditions
  1. Rebates will be processed within 7 working days from the end of the promotion.
  2. Users suspended during the promotion will not qualify.
a) Enjoy S$0 Security Deposit + S$50 Free Credits
b) Tiered Rebate

The following Tiered Rebate is effective for the month of September - 18. This is applicable to all hourly rates driven in that month and will be computed at the beginning of the following month. It will be credited into qualified drivers’ within 7 working days.

Tiered Tiered Qualification Rebates Amount MediSave Top-up
Casual 80 - 99 hours S$0.35/hr S$0
100 – 149 hours S$0.50/hr S$0
Flexible 150 - 179 hours S$0.55/hr S$0
180 – 209 hours S$0.65/hr S$0
Career 210 – 279 hours S$0.70/hr S$10
280 hours and above S$0.90/hr S$10
c) Referral Programme

You may share your referral link with friends so that they are eligible of the S$25 referral credits. Referred drivers through referral code will not be accepted. Upon application approval, both newly referred driver and existing driver will receive S$25 each. Free referral credits will also expire on the end of the next month.

Step 1: Click on your friend/introducer's Taxi Share link.
Step 2: Register and complete the necessaries.
Step 3: Complete the online assessment.
Step 4: Top up S$1 credit to receive additional S$50 promotion credits.
In total, you will have your S$1 top-up credits + S$25 referral credits + S$50 promotion credits.
If the top-up and referral were transacted in Jun-18 and a $30 booking was made, the unutilized $50 promotion credits + $25 referral credits - $30 booking amount = $45 free credits will expire on 31 Jul-18.

Successful Referral:
Diver A introduce Driver B through referral link. Once Driver B’s application is approved. Both drivers will receive S$25 each.

Wrong method of Referral:
Driver A introduce Driver B by sharing his referral code instead of referral link. Driver B went to the website to register and key in the referral code. Both drivers will not receive any referral credits as the system will capture Driver B's registration through self-registration.

d) Incremental Rebate